MetroWest Visitors Bureau Staff

MetroWest Visitors Bureau Staff

Executive Director

We are searching for a new executive director.  See below for the job description.  To apply, please send resume and cover letter to


Jill Schindler

Outreach & Development Director



Brian McGrory

Marketing Assistant



Executive Director Job Description


The Organization: The MetroWest Visitors Bureau is a seven-year-old nonprofit organization created to generate economic activity in the 19 municipalities of MetroWest by marketing the many attractions, services, and amenities in our region.  As a Regional Tourism Council, the MWVB receives state funding to market MetroWest to potential visitors (more than 50 miles away from MetroWest) and is charged with raising matching funds through income earned from programs and services, such as ad sales, membership fees, sponsorships, and contributions. 

Our marketing efforts also serve to brand the region, build collaborations across sectors and towns, support jobs-producing enterprises, and inspire residents and employees to be proud of where they live and work.


The organization’s mission:  To stimulate economic activity in MetroWest by marketing the region’s assets to visitors and residents. 

Leadership: The organization is governed by a 16-person board of directors, which includes representatives from Chambers of Commerce as well as representatives from higher education, cultural organizations, municipal and state government, economic development initiatives, and the hospitality industry.  Currently, the staff consists of a full-time executive director and a marketing assistant (10 hours/week). 

Organizational Culture: A culture of collaboration and cooperation is critical as the staff and board reach out to the municipal, nonprofit, and business leaders in the municipalities served by the MWVB. Our membership has the opportunity for a high level of input in crafting the organization’s services and programs.  

Whom we serve:  As a B-to-C organization, our audiences are

  1. Potential visitors to MetroWest
  2. Visitors to MetroWest who can be encouraged to patronize more businesses, services, and assets of the region during their stay
  3. Residents of the region, who may not grasp all that our region has to offer, and can, in turn, become ambassadors for our assets

In collecting, curating, and communicating information about MetroWest to these three audiences, we are serving our members (and non-members, to a lesser degree) by bringing them visibility and customers, which in turns strengthens them financially and grows their own capacity.

Position overview:  The executive director oversees all aspects of the organization: programs and services, finances, annual workplan (including marketing campaigns aimed outside the region), governance (in tandem with board chair and executive committee), relationships with external stakeholders, programs and services, strategic planning.

  • Strengthen the capacity of the organization to meet its nonprofit mission by growing
    • The financial resources (state funds and diverse earned-income sources);
    • The human resources (paid and volunteer);
    • Relationships and partnerships throughout the region;
    • The effectiveness and efficiency of our administration.
  • Strategically develop and execute a domestic and international marketing workplan designed to attract visitors to the region (measured in visitor spending and hotel occupancy), encourage local residents to patronize the assets of the region, and build regional pride.
  • Align and collaborate with 15 other Regional Tourism Councils throughout the state, and the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism, on marketing strategies and on legislative (and other) advocacy strategies.



    • Manage state grant contract: applications, reports, annual media plan and other workplans, day-to-day requests for content and information (from the state marketing agency), compliance
    • Participate in all inter-RTC communications (at least monthly)
    • Participate in quarterly Mass Office of Travel & Tourism meetings
    • Participate in quarterly Advisory Council on Travel & Tourism meetings
    • Represent the region at tradeshows and sales missions, usually in collaboration with MOTT and/or other RTCs, that align with our target audience and the assets of MetroWest
    • Actively participate in legislative advocacy initiatives as prescribed by the RTC legislative committee and its lobbyist
    • Lead the region’s effort to establish a Tourism Destination Marketing District
    • Maintain relationships with MetroWest legislative delegation through regular communications and presence at key forums
    • Develop and execute promotional programs aimed at our identified target audiences, including sports competitions
    • Conceive and produce advertising and other products to market the region, including print ads, social media, digital advertising, brochures, and other collateral
    • Serve as editor and project manager for publications, including the Guide to MetroWest
    • Oversee website (which is an electronic Guide to MetroWest)
    • Serve as the director of MetroFest
    • Manage regional branding initiative
    • Communicate and collaborate with other economic development entities in the region
    • Build the capacity of the organization by regenerating the board of directors and its committees; staff the board and committees
    • Manage contractors (bookkeeper, auditor, etc.), interns
    • Represent the organization to external audiences, including municipal governments
    • Supervise Outreach and Development Manager
    • Manage and execute special events
    • Design and execute forums for our stakeholders, such as Regional Quarterly Cultural Convening

Candidates should note salary expectations in their cover letter.