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Local organizations created to support and grow the cultural scene.

Arts! Ashland Alliance

Arts! Ashland Alliance

Ashland 01721 508-561-2507 

Our mission is to support access to diverse expressions of arts and cultural programming, promote arts education, and cultivate Ashland’s cultural and economic vitality

Ashland Cultural Council

Ashland Cultural Council

Ashland Town Hall, 101 Main Street, Ashland 01721

Framingham Cultural Council

Framingham Cultural Council

150 Concord Street, Framingham 01702


Natick Center Cultural District

Natick Center Cultural District

20 Main Street, Natick 01760


The District is home to more than 100 working artists, venues, and many independently owned businesses and cultural organizations, all contributing to a busy year-round schedule of arts and cultural events.

Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture - deCordova

Arts & Culture - Re-enactors

Community Spotlight - Millis


Named for its founder, Lansing Millis, Millis is a quintessential picturesque New England suburb. Just nineteen miles southwest of Boston, and easily accessible by routes 109 and 115, it is made up of lovely residential and rural areas and is dotted with serene lakes, rolling meadows. and bubbling brooks.



Formerly East Medway, Millis, a town rich in history, incorporated as a separate town in 1885. Millis is home to several historical buildings with the most notable being the Niagara Hall Fire House. This recently renovated firehouse was built in 1878 and is covered almost completely on the inside by flowing murals created by Boston artist George Story. The town is currently pushing to restore the original artwork and return this one-of-a-kind historical landmark to its former glory. 


As autumn returns, so too does our signature fall foliage, and there is no better place to enjoy the colors than the many picturesque parks, ponds, and trails in Millis. Enjoy the season on the waters of Bugastow Brook and the Charles River, or on one of the many hiking and horse-riding trails that criss-cross the Millis Landscape. 



Adding to the flavor of Millis, Twist Bakery Café is known nationally as a pioneer for recipes devised for the gluten-sensitive and those with food allergies. Their entire menu is gluten-free and nut-free (except coconut), and most of their items are even dairy-free.  If you’re looking to grab a bite somewhere a little more traditional, Primavera offers up a wide variety of classic Italian dishes with a dash of all- American favorites, all in a lovely upscale environment.